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Chinese shoes Network November 11 hearing, past and present closed 21 sales agents famous commercial street in Shenyang, a large number of Adidas and Nike flagship store is very impressive, and in the hundred meters apart but the mall also has a set of Adidas and Nike counters. In fact, this phenomenon is very common throughout the country. Because, even if it is facing the same brand opened two stores are also likely not with an agent. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in Shenyang, in various forms and shapes of sports marketing shopping malls, sports city and other long all over the streets. According to media reports, only PENGDA sports city in a street with a four sports city, Taiyuan Street features five sports city, and its located in the mall mall store is a surprising number. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ". Acting Sporting Goods lucrative, especially Adidas and Nike" insiders tells reasons, the past three years, sales of sporting goods in Shenyang has improved every year, and a well-deserved two big brand "Adidas" and "Nike" is being referred to as a cash cow in the industry. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, this mutation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Belle earnings in the first half of 2009, Belle agent Nike and Adidas revenue was 3.32 billion yuan, compared with the same period in 2008, rose only 2.5 percent last year, also rapidly expanding Belle in the first half of this year, closed down 346 sportswear stores, of which 304 for the second-tier brand shops. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Daphne semi-annual report showed that a jordan 3 katrina 2018 s at June 30, within six months closed 21 Daphne "Adidas" point of selling their own agency, plans this year to close all of the "Nike." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to the third quarter, Adidas quarter operating profit fell 29 percent, sales fell 7%. Compared with the first and second quarter of this year, hitting the deepest decline. did not complete the dream of post-Olympic backlog of goods valued at $ 1 billion & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; can become an Olympic partner, Adidas do so by 1% advantage to become the first brand of Chinese sports market. However, after the dazzling inventory problems seem to be more cause for worry. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; all goods According to media reports, in April this year, as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sponsor Adidas printed with the Olympic logo all expired. And before this, because many dealers expected good, before the Olympic Games wantonly getting goods. Hot sales of sporting goods and may not scheduled to occur, resulting in serious dealer inventories. A report from a third party shows that the commercial value of the Olympic Games through ?????? backlog in the country has reached 1 billion yuan, a lot of stock has not digested. "Adidas and Nike are the futures system, orders six months in advance, cash on delivery." a ???????? Hunan dealers open to the media said that as not in accordance with the actual market demand to purchase, a lot of the backlog of goods piled up in warehouse, and lead to capital is withholding. In order to clear inventory, local dealers are low-cost Cheap air jordans for sale marketing. end of 2008, a shopping mall in Shenyang, Adidas classic style shell head for the first time the audience uniform price 380 yuan, part of Nike shoes for only 290 yuan. Not long ago, shopping malls Shenyang became a negative one Adidas discount field, 380 yuan shell head reproduction of rivers and lakes, many sports apparel discount to new lows --3 fold. At the same time, Nike also to discount sales. Adidas This is not desirable. "Adidas and Nike did not seem so high above." citizen rash sports brand loyal fans, have a pair of Nash family spent nearly a thousand dollars himself, because simply can not wait for that day discounts. "Even the major festivals to catch up to make a 50% discount, which, as is now so often." collar Yingxue Lu recalled 2005 Adidas shell head is very mixed feelings, high prices just to work her catch up. Now, although the original price did not rise, "but after more than two months will be able to play 8-fold, all of a sudden fast 200 yuan cheaper, who buy full-price shoes ah?" industry or reshuffle not provide higher profit margins While Belle and Daphne are interested to shrink the front, but the meaning is different. "Daphne wanted to bid farewell to sports brand agency, focusing on the development of its women's business." sports brand agent Magang has publicly told the media analysis, according to the annual report shows that the second half of Daphne also hold an additional 122 "Daphne" and 139 "shoe" point of sale. Belle is due to the rapid pace of development early, h jordan shoes online sale oping to take advantage of this time, the channel and retail capabilities further optimization. The second half is a key growth point in time, the concentration of superior resources more conducive to enhance the brand. Anyway, sports brand industry reshuffle has emerged. "After the Olympic Games, each sport brands are more or less have some pressure on the stock." The industry believes that, coupled with the impact of the financial crisis continues, old goods not digested, new goods are no longer marketable, for the entire industry greater than demand, sports brands have begun the process in a recession, and is likely to continue beyond 2010. Coupled with Li Ning, Anta and many second-tier sports brands inexpensive deeply touched the hearts of consumers, over time changed the industry supply and demand relationship. According to media reports, really bothered Nike and Adidas, not now piled up in dealer inventory in the warehouse, but the channel is gradually "as big." A direct result of the channel will be brought to focus, Adidas and Nike distribution channels, Li Ning brand gradually and homogenization, but they was not any way for dealers to provide higher profits than domestic sports brand space. public information in the country, local sports brand to develop significantly faster pace of sales network in the international sports brand. As of last year, Li Ning has 6,917 stores in mainland China, a net increase year thousands of stores. Adidas outlets in China last year increased by more than 300 only. At the sa Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale me time, Li Ning sponsored by the factory discount stores even more pervasive. "We have in addition to digest inventory, but also to return the funds to the company." Li Ning store relevant person in charge of the factory was very satisfied, saying much larger than the sales price stores. And has developed rapidly in various brands. In fact, the sales model, through a number of industry experts in the media analyzed and summarized, which can be seen, the international brand, is only responsible for R & D design, brand management, production, retail and other sectors have been outsourced. Domestic brand is from product design, raw material procurement, manufacturing and retail are all one. Full participation in all aspects of the industry chain, will be able to get profit every aspect of the industry chain, so as to improve the company's profitability. "At present, Shenyang Adidas did not reduce the total number of stores." Adidas insiders, although some stores opened since the decoration regroup, but did not Withdraw phenomenon. As for the discount increased frequency of problems, the person agreed, but explained only the company's normal activities. "Discounts course, the better ah." Zhou Xiaowan consumers believe that sports brands she does not care if the shuffle. But if it is thus triggering a wide range of discounts are loved, for consumers, discount is the most affordable.According to Uruguay, "the observer" reported that the Uruguay national laboratory before the date of sampling on imports of footwear that is har air jordan 11 space jam for sale mful to the human body of lead, cadmium and other toxic substances that exceed the standard containing shoes. according to Uruguay, "the observer" reported that the Uruguay national laboratory before the date of sampling on imports of footwear that is harmful to the human body of lead, cadmium and other toxic substances that exceed the standard containing shoes. The majority of these low-priced imported shoes come from China and some come from Brazil, the media said. For international well-known brands of footwear sampling, not found excessive toxic substances. : Ukrainian legislative body believes that the footwear should be strictly controlled lead and cadmium content, especially children's shoes, so as not to damage public health. In August this year, the agency has proposed relevant control regulations, clear to children under the age of 12 wearing footwear, prohibit the production, import or sale of lead and cadmium content of more than 100ppm of adult products; wearing footwear, products can exceed the standard in commercial channels, but the standard of ultra hazardous material identification. The Ordinance has been submitted to the Ministry of Finance and finance for consideration, but has not yet been approved. Over the period of 4 months, the Ukrainian imports of lead and cadmium exceed the standard shoes more than 6 million pairs, 400 thousand pairs and their production. Gav Lear, director of the state technical laboratory of Uzbekistan, called on the Ukrainian Industrial Association, "domestic legislation must be stepped up and banned production, import or sale of waste footwear."". He stressed that the proposal has been supported by the Ukrainian business community and the Ministry of industry, the Ukrainian Ministry of finance must accelerate the approval process, so the case relates to public health, not just a simple economic problem". (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry)Randy Fernandez shoes collectors in Instagram recently to show you a Jordan Brand to Michael Jordan basketball myth personal Air Jordan XX PE. This mysterious version has never disclosed, this shoe body is composed of black suede crafted, with black patent leather ankle strap and black lining patterns, the overall style is very low-key revealed a gorgeous. 1.jpg (270.87 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 20 Michael Jordan PE 2015-3-16 10:17 uploadThis is the classic outdoor brand ; Gregory was founded in 40th anniversary, after the recent collaboration with BEAMS will be at the beginning of the 80s classic Brown Chapter engraved, don't type this time by the injection alone launched also completely did not disappoint. 40th anniversary special edition to Daypack for the tone, the full flavor of the retro mountains with orange and glabrous nylon material for the main, the most special place is the brand in the early classic chapter end wall engraved into the bag, the global limit 1977, priced at 25000 yen (not including tax), will start on February 18th sale, please pay close attention to the official website of the published Gregory . 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Approval Certification ASA - Certificate of Membership ASA - 100 ISO 9001:2008 Official, Distributor, of:, CLAE launched Minimalist Frazier Silhouette winter 2015 pure minimalist series Author: blank uploaded to the 2015-9-4 09:44:56 reading: 99 recommended: 0 reply: 0 category: SNK shoes information0.jpg (139.44 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2016-4-29 1.jpg (152.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2016-4-29 2.jpg (112.71 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2016-4-29 3.jpg (156.67 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2016-4-29 4.jpg (110.76 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:41 2016-4-29Air Jordan 5 black purple grape stage is quite hot, this type of shoes will be hot this pair of shoes elements and color schemes presented in the Nike SB Dunk High, with black suede uppers and purple tongue collocation in the bottom side of the grid, is derived from the Air Jordan 5. It is expected to be officially sold in the fall.this year, is well-known sports brand's signature Reebok shoes Reebok Instapump Fury established the first 20 years, the major trend of fashion units and Reebok launched a joint planning, leaving this wonderful wonderful memories. The fan will be invited to Reebok sneakers famous Japanese work together to build a store atmos atmos x Reebok 2014 Fall Joint Instapump Fury shoes. The selection of the simple design all-white color, its tongue, the internal forces and drawstrings at the heel into the deep blue and red embellishment. Showing a simple fashion street style, interested friends may pay more attention.Puma by Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2013-12-08 22:31:37 Puma shoes appreciate its high-end branch Puma Black Label famous fashion designer Alexander McQueen's collaboration with long-standing, overwhelmed by its continuation with the famous designer good relations of cooperation, launched the 2012 latest autumn and winter shoes. The Puma by Alexander McQueen 2012 Autumn Montapon Luxe shoes to running shoes and hiking boots modeling is based on the surface of the shoe and lining are using top leather fabric, black color is very calm and no good. In addition to its motion dynamic feeling outside, this shoe reflects a more outdoor style.